Monday, February 10, 2020

Tulsi 2020

Tomorrow I'll go to the local high school and pick up a Democratic ballot and cast my vote for Tulsi Gabbard for president. Alone of the 22 candidates, she is neither a billionaire nor a nut. The establishment of course dislikes her, because she refused to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, with the result that they kept her off the stage at the Thursday-night debate despite the fact that she polled higher than three of the candidates who did speak: Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer, and Amy Klobuchar. So everybody on that stage was a person of pallor, and only one was a war veteran (and that a rather pathetic sort of war). Yet here was a Pacific Islander, a major in the US Army National Guard, and the most beautiful woman who ever ran for high office, shut out from public view to please the feckless politician who took the party down to defeat in 2016.

And wouldn't it be grand to see a Tulsi-Donald debate this fall?

Yeah, I know she won't win tomorrow, and that she won't be the candidate in November, but one must vote one's heart. Tulsi's billboards show her handsome presence with the slogan: THE HEART OF A SOLDIER. Of course, one can never tell what's in another's heart, but she has certainly succeeded in capturing mine. Not since Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan have I so adored a presidential candidate.


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