Monday, August 25, 2014

Saving Winooski's bacon

The Sneakers restaurant in pretty Winooski, Vermont, maintains a flower garden in a local traffic island. Alas, it got run over, and the restaurant was offered a road sign to show the community's support and gratitude. The resulting sign asked drivers to Yield for Sneakers Bacon, in tribute to its thick slices of Canadian bacon.

Isn't that sweet? Well, a Muslim resident didn't think so, and a couple months after the sign went up, she decided it was offensive to anyone who doesn't eat pork. So the sign was taken down.

I wonder if the Muslim lady knows that observant Jews don't eat pork, either? Perhaps she and the rabbi could get together over breakfast at Sneakers and ... oh, well, never mind!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Three cheers for the yellow and blue....

Not that it will do as much good as a C-17 full of flak vests and night-vision goggles, but since America doesn't seem able to come up with any tangible aid, I now fly the Ukrainian flag over the dock. (I had to go online to make sure I was flying it rightside-up....)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fem lib in Iraq

Kurdish women tend their heavy machine gun in the battle against the Islamic State.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

On trying to find our way back

I find this latest example of Mr Obama's fecklessness almost impossible to believe, so I ran so many Google searches that my computer began to heat up. Here it is, quoted directly from  the New York Times. It's a column by Thomas Friedman, who actually conducted the interview:

Despite Western sanctions, he cautioned, President Vladimir Putin of Russia “could invade” Ukraine at any time, and, if he does, “trying to find our way back to a cooperative functioning relationship with Russia during the remainder of my term will be much more difficult.”
Is he actually inviting the Russian dictator to march into a European nation, annex it the way he did to Crimea, and face no worse punishment than a bit of a struggle to reestablish "a cooperative functioning relationship" with the lame-duck president of the United States?

And why does Mr Obama always seem less interested in the consequences of a crisis for the people concerned than its effect upon his presidency (and, more immediately, upon his golfing vacation at Martha's Vineyard)?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bring on the humanitarian crises!

Easy to tell when the aggressors are losing: they whine, and the media parrot it, that a "humanitarian crisis" is brewing. We've been reading for days about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and now we're being warned about a humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine, as the good guys are making some small progress against those who started the fighting. And now Russia is sending a huge humanitarian convoy toward the Ukrainian frontier. Now that's a crisis for you. The full-scale invasion will travel with it. No doubt we'll see ambulances outfitted with Katyusha rockets, and Red Cross workers tricked out in cammies and Kalnashnikovs, while the president of the United States plays golf on Martha's Vineyard.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Back to the future III

If it weren't so hard for those on the ground (and too often for those in the air) I'd be amused by the resumption of American air strikes in Iraq. President Obama tried so hard to earn that preemptive Nobel Prize that he yanked U.S. troops out of the country and all but invited the "militants" to move back in. Wasn't that possibility anywhere on the White House radar? Did Mr Obama really believe that if he talked enough about peace, it would be sure to follow?

This should shake the president's confidence that a few truckloads of Meals Ready to Eat would keep Vladimir Putin out of Ukraine, but I wouldn't count on it.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Generals in combat

Generals and admirals aren't often casualties, but yesterday a man dressed in Afghan army uniform managed to kill Major General Harold Greene and wound a German brigadier. It was General Greene's first combat. Happily he was not in Afghanistan to command our troops but to expedite our retreat from that country, as we've retreated in almost every conflict since the 1950s.

The Pentagon spokesman assured reporters that this incident would have no effect on the American drawdown in Afghanistan. "[The Afghan army] is a security force that we believe grows stronger every week," he said.

Evidently so!