Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wi-fi in the sky

This is a Bombardier E-11A like the "surveillance aircraft" that went down in in Afghanistan yesterday. Four of these planes were based at Kandahar airfield for the purpose of providing communications to soldiers operating in mountainous territory where radio links aren't feasible, along with a smaller number of EQ-4B remotely piloted drones. The idea is to provide "wi-fi in the sky" for the troops needing to direct air or artillery strikes, or to call for help if they get into trouble. 

As a business jet, the Bombardier Global Express carries a four-person crew, but that probably includes one or two flight attendants. Fox News reports that two bodies were recovered from the crash site by the US military. Afghans were photographed at the crash site yesterday, but no mention has been made of Taliban fighters at the site (or responsible for the crash).


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