Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We've got to discriminate against someone, so let's discriminate against the middle class!

The Times of London reports that "middle-class children will be squeezed out of  Oxbridge" as Britain's two elite universities strive to admit 6,500 more students from deprived families by 2025. That's quite a significant bulge in enrollment, but apparently neither Oxford nor Cambridge plans to expand its student body. Who'll be cut to make room for the deserving poor? Well, not the rich and famous, obviously.

To handle such tricky matters as this, the British government has -- of course! -- an Office for Students, and the OfS has -- of course! -- a Director of Access. His name is Chris Millward, and he points to the obvious outcome: "If they don’t grow, then the groups that are very highly represented in those universities will be less represented at the end of this,” he said.


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