Saturday, September 17, 2016

Haute couture for the deep woods

I love the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal (which is actually titled WSJ). Like the Sunday papers of old, it provides a lot of reading, generally enough for two days, with the additional advantage that I can start on Saturday. Among the sections is "Off Duty," which today is given over to the the fifty reasons why we should celebrate autumn. As it happens, fall is indeed my favorite season, so I was eager to see if the editors in New York shared any of my avocations. I was somewhat chilled to come upon this: Because ... fashion is elevating the L.L. Bean look.

The featurette is illustrated by a handsome young man of the politically correct cafe au lait complexion, with an axe, standing beside a chopping block. The text, with the web addresses omitted, reads like this:

Your cabin-bound weekend wardrobe has been luxed up. Jacket, $1,995. Battenwear shirt, $205. Polo, $125. Pants, $590. Abloh boots, $685. Axe, $350.
That comes to $3950 without socks, underpants, cabin, or chopping block.

Just thought you'd like to know.


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