Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tales of the Flying Tigers

Over the past few years, I've published five short e-books about the American Volunteer Group. Now I've bundled them into an omnibus volume, Tales of the Flying Tigers, available for $4.99 from Amazon and other major e-tailers. Check it out. Even if you've already read one or two of those books, this composite volume represents good value for the money. (I'm working on the print edition now, but it will take me a while. The beauty of digital publishing is that it's so quick!) The e-book includes "First Blood for the Tigers," about the combat outside Kunming, twelve days after the Pearl Harbor attack; "100 Hawks for China," all about the Curtiss P-40s that equipped the AVG; "100 Fair Pilots," with a biography of each airman who sailed for Burma; "Rising Sun Over Burma," the Japanese view of the air war in Southeast Asia; and "AVG Confidental," the US Navy's interview with a homecoming Tiger. Go here for more.


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