Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Thank you, Iowa ...

... for bringing some clarity to a race between front runners memorably described by Bret Stephens as:
1) A compulsive liar with a persecution complex, a mania for secrecy, and a bald disdain for rules as they apply to lesser people.
2) A bigoted braggart with a laughable grasp of public policy and leering manners of the kind you would expect from a barroom drunk.
3) A glib moralizer who is personally detested by every single senator in his own party, never mind the other one.
4) A Sixties radical preaching warmed-over socialism to people too young to know what it was or too stupid to understand what it does.
The liar, the braggart, the moralizer, and the radical are still front runners, but the Man of Many Vowels has been upgraded to a contender. Thank you, Iowa. Let's hope that Marco Antonio Rubio is up to the job. Not to sound hysterical, but the future of our country may rest on his young shoulders.


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