Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It pays to be an old lady

Fascinating graph in the Wall Street Journal this morning, show older women with a steadily increasing job share through the Obama economy. Likely it's a result of people deciding not to take early retirement, because the same trend is apparent in the share of older men in the workforce -- a level that hasn't improved, but neither has it gotten any worse since 2009-2011.

So the jobs have been lost by younger men and women -- who, ironically, are those most likely to favor the economic policies that got us to this point.

That women suffer less than men from downturns is no doubt because they gravitate toward less physical jobs: better to be a teacher than a carpenter when the panic hits. (Note too that the hard times for younger women lasted longer than for men: a laid-off carpenter can find a job more easily than a laid-off teacher as the economy improves.)


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