Monday, September 07, 2015

Austria wants "normality"

Austria has given the game away by announcing that "step by step," it will move back to "normality" on screening the flood of mostly-Muslims entering the country from Hungary.

So why has everyone been beating up on Hungary this month? They were only trying to obey the EU rules that Austria now wants to re-introduce. Perhaps it's a stupid rule, but there it was: a would-be asylum seeker is supposed to register in the first EU country he enters, and wait there for his application to be processed by the country he wants to accept him. I don't know about the European media, but American media having been treating the Hungarian police as if they were the Gestapo reincarnated.

The Good People in Austria and Hungary (and the US, of course) kept saying: "Bring them on!" The only mistake Hungary made was in not taking them at their word.

It's hardly Hungary's fault. Austria got rid of the Russian army in 1955, while Hungary wasn't set free until 1991. It will take a while for the Hungarians to understand the hypocrisy that dominates Western politics.


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