Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Harvard discovers that medical care costs money

In the category of not knowing whether to laugh or cry is the news out of Cambridge, Mass., where the Harvard faculty is up in arms about changes in their medical insurance costs. Co-pays are reaching $20 for a doctor's visit, annual deductibles are soaring to $250, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses can now amount to $1,500. "It's the equivalent of taxing the sick," complains one Harvard professor. "Deplorable, deeply regressive," says another. Tantamount to a pay cut, says a third. Harvard responds that, hey, costs are going up, driven in part by ObamaCare mandates that children can stay on their parents' plans to age 26, free mammograms and colonoscopies, and the "Cadillac tax" on extra-generous insurance plans.

What? You mean this stuff costs money?


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