Sunday, November 09, 2014

The war that never ends

Seventy-five years on, the bodies of Polish soldiers -- thrown into mass graves -- are still being found at Lviv in western Ukraine. As the Polish city of Lwow, it was attacked and nearly surrounded by the German army in September 1939, with the Soviet Red Army completing the encirclement soon after. Lwow surrendered on September 23, and its defenders were sent to Russian prison camps, with the officers later murdered in the Katyn Forest massacres. The dead were buried in nearby forests, their graves often concealed by rubbish dumps.

So far, fifty bodies have been unearthed from seven pits. The speculation is that they are soldiers of the 98th Regiment of the Polish army's 33rd Division, which fought its way to the relief of Lwow but lost most of its men before the survivors reached the city on September 19.


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