Friday, June 06, 2014

The pols of Pointe du Hoc

Today the leaders of what we used to call the Free World, along with the quasi-dictator of what we used to call the Soviet Union, are gathered at Normandy to memorialize the American, British, Canadian, and Polish troops who died on the Normandy beaches seventy years ago.

What's Vladimir Putin doing there? Well, you may remember that he was disinvited from the G-8 meeting in Brussels this week, as punishment for seizing the Crimea. Hilariously, and as if putting Barack Obama in his place, the president of France then turned about and invited Putin to dinner--and on the same night that the American president was scheduled to dine! (M. Hollande, a man of evidently hearty appetite, ate the two dinners successively.) Not to be left in the shade, the British prime minister and German chancellor also scheduled private meetings with the man who is in the process of reoccupying eastern Europe by armed force.

This is what the world looks like, when the United States leads from behind.


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