Monday, May 19, 2014

The tenderizing of the collegiate mind

Haverford in Pennsylvania was one of the contemptible band of colleges that banned commencement speakers who might offend some of their more tender-hearted graduates. The substitute was William Bowen, former president of Princeton, who went against the collegiate grain by criticizing the students. "The best you can do," he chided them, "is to listen to [unpopular opinions] and be open minded."

Well, good for Mr. Bowen! But some graduates thought otherwise. They were upset, according to the president of the Student Council.

No word from Rutgers, which banned Condoleezza Rice; Smith, which didn't want to have to listen to Christine Lagarde; or Brandeis, which disinvited Ayaan Hirsi Ali ... all women, you'll notice, and two out of three of them nonwhite! Evidently it no longer suffices to be a double minority, if you have ever dared think for yourself.


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