Friday, April 25, 2014

Four "AVG" bodies at the Punchbowl Cemetery

The wonders continue! Three American Volunteer Group pilots were killed in training accidents at Toungoo in the fall of 1941, before the Flying Tigers went into action, and for years they have been the object of a search by their relatives. All the while, they were buried at the Punchbowl Cemetery outside Honolulu, and lost in the paperwork labyrinth was this seeming proof that they had been on American soil since 1948. It's a mystery whose body the fourth man might be, since as far as we know, the three fatal crashes were the only AVG deaths at Toungoo. (There's an off chance that that might be the body of Flying Officer John Wigglesworth of RAF 67 Squadron, killed when the Wright-Cyclone engine of his Buffalo cut out while he was taking off from Kyedaw airdrome on January 29, 1942.)


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