Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping the lights on in Lwow

A friend assembled this picture of Lwow, the formerly Polish city that in 1945 reverted to Ukraine, as it continues its historic opposition to Russian rule:

"Lwow has been running its own affairs, teaching its own pro-European [school] curriculum etc since November when the central government effectively cut off funding. Salaries are being paid, services are running, people are going to work and people have been encouraged to report any government intimidation, or local activity by [Kiev] security services to the city council. Its not too fanciful to speculate that Poland or the EU are "keeping the lights on" in Lwow behind the scenes.

"The people of the city are well organised and are blockading army bases in the city to prevent troops going to [Kiev] to put down the demonstrations [in the capital]. Today they forced the resignation of the pro-Yanukowych governor of
the city. which gives them more room to organise. The situation is broadly similar in the other formerly Polish cities in the west. Rowne has just announced 'official mourning' for the demonstrators killed in Kyiv. Radio & TV are broadly taking the side of the protestors against the government."

Though ignored by western (and certainly by American) media, the story of Lwow's resistance has come out by way of Twitter.


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