Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh, never mind!

Let's see. That was a clear win for Assad, who gets to surrender the chemical weapons he claims he never had, so he can continue to claim he doesn't have them and of course never used them.

And it's a clear win for Putin, who gets the credit for saving the world from another conflict, as well as demonstrating that if you want to be safe, you'd better trust to Moscow than to Washington! I'm sure that the Young 'Un in North Korea and the proto-Chavez in Venezuela are recalibrating their strategies.

And of course it's a clear loss for Obama, who first drew a red line, then denied he had done so, then asked Congress to authorize a strike that he claimed he didn't need authorization for, and finally put the whole thing on the back burner at the request of Vladimir Putin, who snubbed him at the G-20 conference and over the extradition of the NSA leaker.

Still, it's nice to know that two out of three world leaders are waking up refreshed and happy this morning!


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