Monday, March 04, 2013

Non habemus papem

Of course it's true that in every previous election going back hundreds of years, the there was no sitting pope when the cardinals met to elect his successor. Still, I am bemused that Benedict left the job vacant, if only for a few days. Is the workload actually that light?

“The election is not understood in the same framework as the political elections in the United States,” said Wuerl, who noted that here, the Holy Spirit is believed to play a primary role.
Well, thank heaven (as it were) that it's not understood the same way as in the U.S.! But surely there's a bit of the Holy Spirit in our presidential annointments? Think of Nixon, arms spread and fingers making a Churchillian V-for-Victory. Think of Obama in front of his faux Greek columns!

For that matter, think of Jackie with her pillbox cap, and Michelle with her bangs....


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