Friday, September 28, 2012

The mountains are still here

The upside of being a writer in the internet age is the occasional bouquet from a reader. In this morning's email: a note from Loreen Hurley, whose graffito on a White Mountains lean-to I happened to quote in The Country Northward. "Did the people who wrote here in the 1930s expect us to read what they wrote in the 1970s?" she wrote on an interior log, beneath some forty-year-old comments. "I don't expect the people in the year 2010 to read this." Then she added, on a gloomy note: "There might not be mountains."

Well, the White Mountains have survived, and so has Resolution Shelter. And so, it turns out, has Loreen herself. She found my quote on an internet search, acquired a copy of the book, and is reading it in tandem with her husband. "He just read that quote today on his way home from work, riding the commuter rail," she writes.  "It reminded me that I wanted to send you a greeting." She's had a busy and productive life over the past forty-odd years, I'm glad to know.


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