Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simpkin and the Embassy glasses

Simpkin the cat lays claim to every cardboard box that comes into the house. If empty, he climbs inside it. If full, he lays on top. I have broken all our wine glasses except two, so this week I ordered the smallest amount of six-inch, six-ounce glasses available anywhere, which happened to be THREE DOZEN. The UPS guy brought them the other day, and I have been washing them from day to day, with the main supply sitting on the counter, with the result shown above.

They are Embassy glasses, and I understand why they are so named. They are twice as heavy as ordinary wine glasses, to stand up to the abuse of drunken Russians and Australians. They are rather narrower and taller in the container and shorter in the stem, to make it seem that the guest is getting more wine than he actually is. And they are sold only by the case! (You cannot believe how tall and bulbous wine glasses now are. The smallest one can get is ten ounces and nine inches, which won't fit in our dishwasher.) Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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