Thursday, March 01, 2012

How do I spell 'chutzpah' in Russian?

Blaming the victim is a favorite sport of aggressors everywhere, but the lads in Moscow have raised it to an art. In the summer of 1939, the Russian and German foreign ministers divided the European continent between them. On September 1, the Wehrmacht invaded western Poland, and on September 17 the Red Army invaded from the east. After that, the twin dictatorships proceeded to chew up the rest of Europe, with Russia swallowing Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and trying to swallow Finland.

Now the Russians have issued a study of the Second World War, finding that--of course!--it was the Poles that started it. (The link is to the Huffington Post, whose story is a hilarious example of the non-judgmental coverage of other nations and cultures that has done so much to prepare the ground for revisionism such as that coming out of Moscow. "Many Western historians believe Hitler was encouraged to invade by the treaty of nonaggression signed by Moscow and Berlin...." You think?) Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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