Monday, February 20, 2012

War Comes to Potocki Street

The book I am writing deals with a child from Poland who is caught up in the Second World War. After sundry adventures in Kazakhstan, Persia, Lebanon, and Egypt, she turns up at the University of Manchester in England, where she falls into bad company--mine. Here is chapter two of the book, War Comes to Potocki Street, and the blurb from Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

In September 1939, Germany and Russia invaded Poland from west and east, like two hammers beating on an anvil. Thus began the Second World War, the worst thing that ever happened. Among those caught up in this catastrophe was a five-year-old named Basia Deszberg, whose father was a colonel in the Polish army, and whose brother was a lieutenant of artillery. Their story is told by Daniel Ford, an American author who as a young man knew Basia when they were students together at the University of Manchester in England. 'War Comes to Potocki Street' is the second chapter of a much larger work, which will be published later this year. With photographs, chapter notes, and a preview of the coming book. About 6000 words.


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