Sunday, November 13, 2011

Horrors! business is messy!

The New York Times has a faux-serious feature called Campaign 2012, which pretends to be newsy but really consists of talking points from the Democratic National Committee, dishing the dirt on the Republican candidates. In recent weeks it has of course featured Rick Perry (oops!) and Herman Cain (excuse me?), but today it turns to Mitt Romney. What kind of dirt can you dish about a Mormon who looks so serious that you want to kick him in the pants, just to see if he's real? Well, nothing can escape the diligent journalists at the Gray Lady, and it seems they have discovered that Mr Romney was once (gasp!) a businessman.

Mitt Romney’s business career is a cornerstone of his campaign. But his brand of capitalism had unintended human costs and some messy financial consequences.
Yes, by golly, the preacher was once a businessman, and business is, well, messy. Ech. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all draw back and make our livings as Senators and professors of Constitutional law? Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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