Monday, October 17, 2011


Just back from TWO successive nights on airplanes. I got the middle seat on the long jump from Fiji to Los Angeles, and Sally got it on the red-eye to Boston.

Both flights were full. I came to the conclusion that protesters would do better to occupy the airlines than Wall Street, especially American Airlines. What was once gracious (I am old enough to remember complimentary drinks whenever anything went wrong with the schedule) has become a truly awful way to travel. As is now customary, every flight was a full one, and nobody cracked a smile when the AA gate attendant came out with her "exciting offer" to gate-check excess bags without charge. Most of the people with three and four carry-ons ignored her, since they had already ensured that they would be the first to board, hence to fill the overhead racks with suitcases, backpacks, and garbage bags packed with souvenirs.

There were two bright spots on the trek. One was the string band that serenaded us onto the 747 in Fiji; the other was the complimentary Samsung recharging station at LAX.  Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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