Monday, July 11, 2011

The Katyn Findings

In the spring of 1940, under Stalin's order, the Russian security police shot 22,000 Polish officers, enlisted men, and civilians and buried them in mass graves in Russia and Ukraine. The atrocity was discovered by the Germans when they overran this territory in 1942, but the Russians successfully blamed the killings on the invaders. To their shame, the American and British governments connived in the coverup, so as not to sully the reputation of their new best friend, Joseph Stalin in Moscow. In 1951, however, the 85th Congress began hearings into the massacre, compiling thousands of pages of testimony over the next six months. I've published the short version as a Kindle ebook with the title The Katyn Findings 1952. (These ebooks are also accessible in a variety of free apps for smartphones and computers.) The book has a foreword drawn from my current research on Poland during the War years, and I'll be adding to it as I learn more. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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