Tuesday, February 08, 2011

R U ready for Uni?

The New York Times has discovered that (gasp!) Most New York Graduates Are Not College-Ready. It seems that in 2009 only 23 percent of the city's high-school seniors graduated with the skills needed to cope with university-level work. (At that, NYC does better than most metro areas in the state.) "That is well under half the current graduation rate of 64 percent, a number often promoted by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg as evidence that his education policies are working." The obvious solution to this state of affairs is to further dumb down the standards at the city's universities, and I am sure that that improvement is already in train.

But doesn't it occur to the journos at the NYT that perhaps only a minority of high-school graduates can really benefit from higher education? There is, after all, an upper limit on the number of great minds that can be employed in journalism. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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