Thursday, December 02, 2010

On Grannie's feeding tube

During the debates on ObamaCare, there was much talk of the Death Panels that would decide whether decrepit oldsters would be allowed to live. It's time to spare a thought for the hundreds, probably thousands, of informal death panels in households around the country: let's suppose that Grannie dabbled in real estate and now owns half a dozen properties each worth $500,000. Her net worth therefore is $3 million and probably quite a bit more when her various checking accounts are factored in. Are the heirs doing the math? You bet they are!

If Grannie dies on or before December 31, the estate passes entire to her loving kin. If she hangs on past the New Year, however, and the U.S. Congress fails to act, they get a tax bill of well over a million dollars (55 percent of everything over $1 million)! How many heirs, do you think, are keeping one eye on Nancy Pelosi and the other eye on Grannie's feeding tube? Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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