Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Gray Lady meets Facebook

The media is suffering from its biennial bout of post-election depression, to the extent that the New York Times has done a think-piece on the Facebook Problem. It seems that some of our candidates had earlier posted dubious photos of themselves on the internet. I particularly admired Krystal Ball, who in addition to her marvelous name once had herself photographed mouthing what the Gray Lady delicately calls a "sex toy."

Krystal Ball lost, but Aaron Shock (another marvelous name!) is a newly minted Congressman despite or perhaps because of the photo above, in which he poses with a woman in wide-stance bra. (Don't you just love it that the New York Times obscures her face?) Well, of course he won! The women all voted for him because they admired his pecs, and the guys because they yearned to have that cleavage bracketing them at the pool. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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