Monday, October 18, 2010

The season's over?

Except for the occasional Seinfeld re-run, we gave up broadcast television years ago, in large part because prime time begins just about the time we go to bed. Then a friend urged us to watch Mad Men. I didn't even like the title! But I rented the DVD of the first season, then the second and the third. Now we huddle around the computer and buy the episodes from Amazon the day after they're aired for a buck ninety-nine--that's how addicted we are.

But it's over, according to the show's creator in the NYT. Mr. Weiner tells us a bit too much about how Mad Men comes to be (as with sausages, the less about that the better), but the big news is that the season ended last night. Good grief. No wonder Don Draper looks so sad: it's back to the Seinfeld re-runs! Blue skies! -- Dan Ford



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