Friday, October 01, 2010

General Junior, General Sis

The pudgy young man on the left is a four-star general in the North Korean army. How did he rise to such high rank? Easy: he's the son of the decrepit gentleman on the right, who happens to be the country's dictator.  Kim Jong Eun is 26 or 27, and he has presumably been tapped to be the third generation to rule the starving nation. (Clearly, however, some of North Korea's limited supply of edibles has been diverted to feed General Junior.)

Also presumably--nobody really knows what's going on in North Korea--there's a hedge against the possibility that daddy might die before General Junior is up to taking over. Another newly appointed four-star general is Kim Kyong Hui, the 64-year-old sister of the dictator. She would presumably (that word again!) act as regent while General Junior grows into the job. She didn't get to sit in the front row, however. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford



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