Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On respecting the process

The NYT headline said: 'As Parents Protest, Chancellor and Panel Leave'. That seemed very promising, so I read the story, and behold! The chancellor and his "panel" didn't leave their jobs; they just walked out on the meeting and left the parents shouting at one another.

It seems that tests were tightened up, the kids' scores dropped, and the parents were upset. They wanted to speak; a motion to allow them to do so was denied. (There's public "input" at the end of the session.) They got rambunctious. Chancellor Klein and his educrats walked out. Said a departmental spokesman afterward: “It’s extremely unfortunate that parents who came to voice their opinions before the panel could not be heard tonight because a small, unruly group refused to respect the process and wait for the public comment period to begin."

Baad parents! They just don't seem to get it, like those bigots who don't want to see a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. Mayor Bloomberg says the the mosqueteers "ought to be ashamed of themselves." What do they think this is, anyhow--a democracy? Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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