Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's all be happy for the city manager

I earlier celebrated Hugo Tassone, the Yonkers policeman who retired at age 44 with a pension of $101,000, having never earned more than $74,000 a year. Now we can cast a prayerful glance toward Robert Rizzo, the city manager of Bell, California (pop. 40,000) who resigned recently when it came out that he was earning $800,000 a year, along with other benefits including 26 weeks (!) of vacation and sick time that brought his annual compensation to an estimated $1,500,000. Forced out or not, Mr. Rizzo stands to collect a pension of at least $600,000 a year.

Even so, his good fortune pales beside that of Bruce Malkenhorst, who is retired from his post as city manager of Vernon, California. His pension is a relatively slender $510,000 a year, but here's the thing: Vernon's population, as of the 2000 Census, was 91. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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