Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grannie goes to Woodstock

With the president of the United States joking about the notion that the government might ‘pull the plug on grandma’, it’s time to reflect that this is the fortieth anniversary of Woodstock (which actually took place at Bethel, but who noticed?). Very possibly grandma is the very same mud-splattered young lady who reveled at the love-in all those years ago—she might well be eligible to draw Social Security today.

Just how long ago was Woodstock? Well, our poet-songster-hero Bob Dylan was recently picked up by a policewoman in New Jersey because she thought he was a suspicious vagrant. When they got to his hotel and he produced an ID, she radioed the police station to find out if anyone there had heard about this scruffy individual. Bob Dylan. (I wonder if the president will invite the songster and the cop to the White House for a beer?) Blue skies! – Dan Ford


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