Monday, August 03, 2009

Democracy on the march in Latin America

Reports the NYT: ‘CARACAS, Venezuela — Despite repeated denials by President Hugo Chávez, Venezuelan officials have continued to assist commanders of Colombia’s largest rebel group, helping them arrange weapons deals in Venezuela and even obtain identity cards to move with ease on Venezuelan soil.... The materials point to detailed collaborations between the guerrillas and high-ranking military and intelligence officials in Mr. Chávez’s government as recently as several weeks ago, countering the president’s frequent statements that his administration does not assist the rebels.’

This is the man whom Washington supports in his efforts to restore the deposed president of Honduras, who up to the time he was arrested was busily creating the same sort of proto-Nazi ‘democracy’ in Honduras as Hugo Chávez operates in Venezuela. What’s with Latins and their presidents-for-life? What’s with Obama and Clinton that they would go along with this?


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