Friday, July 31, 2009

Mission accomplished?

Every once in a while, the NYT recalls its glory days and publishes an important document in full. Thus with a leaked memo from a US Army colonel in Iraq, who thinks it is time for us to act upon Dubya's message aboard the USS Lincoln in May 2003. The mission has been accomplished; let's go home! Writes the colonel in part:

'We now have an Iraqi government that has gained its balance and thinks it knows how to ride the bike in the race. And in fact they probably do know how to ride, at least well enough for the road they are on against their current competitors. Our hand on the back of the seat is holding them back and causing resentment. We need to let go before we both tumble to the ground.'

His caustic remarks about corruption and sectarian bias in the Iraqi government and security forces are enough to cause his memo to be disavowed by the Pentagon and the White House, but this is a debate whose time has come. Do we leave now, or do we stay till 2016 and perhaps forever? Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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