Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hubris at Foggy Bottom

One of the more puzzling aspects of America's Good People is their fear and trembling before foreign cultures. Looking out at a world that has been almost totally Americanized in my lifetime, if not in his, Barack Obama said in an interview with the BBC: "The danger I think is when the United States or any country thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture."

But meanwhile, over at Foggy Bottom, Hillary Clinton stands ready to impose her values on the world. From AFP: "The persecution of gays and lesbians is a violation of human rights and an affront to human decency, and it must end. As secretary of state, I will advance a comprehensive human rights agenda that includes the elimination of violence and discrimination against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity."

Personally, I would have started with opposing violence against women, which seems to be a larger problem in the countries Mr Obama will be addressing today. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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