Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hope for the green revolution

Edward Luttwak, who wrote the fascinating though sometimes puzzling Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace, is upbeat about events in Iran. As he explains his thinking in a WSJ op-ed, 'only the short-term future of Iran's clerical regime remains in doubt'. Long-term, change is inevitable: 'after years of humiliating social repression and gross economic mismanagement, the more educated and the more productive citizens of Iran have mostly turned their backs on the regime.... [T]hey now reject the entire post-1979 structure of politicized Shiite Islam with its powerful ayatollahs, officious priests, strutting Revolutionary Guards and low-life Basij militiamen.' Luttwak sees paralysis in Tehran, if not reform running out of control as it did in Moscow twenty years ago.

Wouldn't it be pretty to think so? Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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