Friday, June 19, 2009

Honey, he shrank the car company!

The Pontiac Vibe is co-produced with Toyota (which calls it the Matrix). It gets 30 mpg, and says of it: 'Of all the compact cars that have worn Pontiac badges over the last couple decades, the Pontiac Vibe is likely the best of the bunch.' So what will be the first model phased out as Government Motors shuts down the Pontiac brand? Why, the Vibe, of course.

Pontiac is to suffer the death by a thousand cuts, dying model by model. Vanishing more swiftly--at least as far as GM is concerned--are Saturn, sold to Roger Penske for the sake of its dealer network; Hummer, sold to a Chinese manufacturer; and Saab, sold to a Swedish builder of exotic sports cars.

To be sure, killing the Vibe makes a certain kind of sense. It's just a Matrix with a different set of earrings, so anyone who wants one can buy it from a Toyota dealer. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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