Friday, March 13, 2009

BW-372 meets the public

On March 6, the anniversary of the Finnish Air Force, the only Brewster 'Buffalo' fighter in the world went on display at a museum north of Helsinki. Here she poses with Vladimir Bolshakov of the Russian diving team that raised her in August 1998. BW-372 was shot down by a Russian fighter plane (a Hawker Hurricane, if I remember correctly) and crash-landed on the ice of a frozen lake. The Finnish pilot escaped, but the plane slipped through to the lake bottom, where she remained in cold storage for more than half a century. Her Nokia tires were still inflated when she was brought to shore, and still look pretty good today. More at the Annals of the Brewster Buffalo. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


At 10:31 PM, Blogger david.kallio said...

Dan Ford:

THX for commemorating the truly heroic efforts of the FINNISH AF
to successfully defend its beleagered homeland from Soviet aggression under Josef Stalin
1939-1940 & 1941-1944).

To paraphrase Churchill's utterance
regarding the sacrifice of British RAF pilots vs Hitler's Luftwaffe in London skies (1939-1940)
..."Never Had So Few Done So Much To Preserve Freedom For So Many" in the skies over Helsinki.


Taivetti Jussi Kallio--YANKEE FINN
in Richmond VA


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