Monday, February 23, 2009

Guantánamo? No big deal!

Says the New York Times: 'A Pentagon report requested by President Obama on the conditions at the Guantánamo Bay detention center concluded that the prison complies with the humane-treatment requirements of the Geneva Conventions. But it makes recommendations for improvements including increasing human contact for the prisoners, according to two government officials who have read parts of it.'

Isn't it wonderful? We get rid of Bush, and hey presto! the torture dungeon turns into something milder than the Marine Corps boot camp. And in just one month! Obama really does have a magical touch. Apparently all that needs to be done now is to sponsor a weekly Bingo game and knock a window into the cells without them. (The story appeared on Friday, but not on the front page, so I didn't see it in my 5 a.m. scan of all the news that's fit to print.) Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reading your blog and irreverent perspective. Would you care to comment on Warzistan's recent alliances with AlQ and declaration of war on US, P'stan and A'gan? Will we wait for an actual attack before responding, like Israel did? Should we look forward to "demonstrations" by pro terrorist groups "coming to a neighborhood near you?" They chose Brookline Mass, a traditionally high Jewish community for one of these. They had a "peaceful" pro Hamas demonstration in Sweden, too. Oy.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Dan Ford said...

I lived in Brookline for a year or two, growing up, in the shadow of St Aidan's Church, where my father was the janitor. There was indeed an after-school Jewish academy on one of the streets leading up to Coolidge Corner, but overall this was a neighbor of tough Irish Catholic kids. I don't think we would have tolerated a demonstration. Or perhaps we would have led it! Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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