Saturday, July 07, 2007

'We'll set aboot ye'

I've just discovered what the rest of the English-speaking world apparently already knows: John Smeaton, the hero of Glasgow Airport, who gave a football kick to one of the IslamoNutters trying to barbecue the airport's check-in line. According to the Wall Street Journal, his challenge to Al Qaeda goes like this: 'You come to Glasgow, we don't stand for it. We'll set aboot ye.'

Here's the CNN video. Alas, it doesn't bear English sub-titles, such as Australian TV provided for its viewers, but perhaps there was nobody in New York who could penetrate full-throated Glaswegian. I called down Sally Wife to hear it. She couldn't understand him either, but said it hardly mattered. 'Sign him up for Masterpiece Theatre!' Sally is smitten with Smeaton.

Of course, if it had happened at Boston's Logan Airport, the outcome would have been quite different. The lawyers would be lining up to represent Bilal Abdullah, the Alleged Nutter, in his lawsuit against John Smeaton and (the deep pockets) the airport authority.


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