Friday, December 08, 2006

More on Phibriglex-62

I promised (below) to unearth more about Phibriglex-62, the US Navy/Marine operation to invade and unseat the tyrant 'Ortsac' from an island off Puerto Rico. Here is the order of battle as of 15 October 1962, when the Missile Crisis overtook it. There were two aircraft and two helicopter carriers involved, along with a regiment (brigade) of marines:

'PHIBRIGLEX 62, ostensibly an amphibious exercise to train and exercise naval forces to conduct an amphibious assault and associated naval operations from Onslow Beach, North Carolina, to the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean was just beginning. This exercise which was to be aborted as a cover for Cuban contingency operations involved the following principal forces:
Independence (CVA-62)
Randolph (CVS-15)
Okinawa (LPH-3)
Thetis Bay (LPH-6)
15 destroyers
14 amphibious ships
3 submarines
4 mobile support ships
1 Marine Regimental Landing Team

1 Marine Air Group'

From the US Navy site on the Quarantine of Cuba (as the Navy remembers the crisis :)


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