Tuesday, October 18, 2022

From Iran with love

  A Shahed drone from Iran goes into a suicide dive upon Kyiv in a photo captured by Yasuyoshi Chiba yesterday. Some thousands of these nasty little aircraft have made their way to Russia. They're guided by GPS, powered by a 50-horsepower engine, and armed with 88 pounds of high explosives. They're easily shot down, so Russian troops launch them in waves, of which maybe half get through. They cost about $20,000 compared to perhaps a million dollars for a conventional cruise missile. Iran of course denies that it supplies these devilish gadgets to Russia, though they're easily identified. Lies today are intended only to reassure the already convinced. I see the same thing almost every day in our mailbox: supersized postcards peddling the most fantastic nonsense about the candidates for Congress on November 8.


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