Monday, June 13, 2022

Russia is stealing Ukrainian art treasures

London's Guardian has exposed an organized Russian effort to steal art treasures from Ukrainian museums, in much the same way that Herman Goering and other Nazi bigwigs looted paintings from occupied Europe. “There is now very strong evidence this is a purposive Russian move, with specific paintings and ornaments targeted and taken out to Russia,” the newspaper quoted Brian Daniels as saying. Mr Daniels is a Virginia anthropologist who with his team has been monitoring the thefts since Putin's invasion in February. 

Scythian gold pieces are a special target of the thieves, precious relics of an empire that once spread from southern Ukraine to the steppes of central Asia. “These items are visually stunning, and there are now so many reports of thefts it is evident that it is a strategy,” Mr Daniels said. The value of the relics may be less important to Putin than the loss to Ukraine of their cultural significance. “There is a possibility it is all part of undermining the identity of Ukraine as a separate country by implying legitimate Russian ownership of all their exhibits.”

The thievery is preceded by "menacing interrogation" of museum staff members. "We have growing concern for the museum workers and security staff," he added.


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