Friday, May 13, 2022

"Look in the mirror!"

God bless the Finns! Much as the Ukrainians are doing now, they gave a bloody nose to the Russian army in the "Winter War" of 1939-1940, and again they're standing up to their bullying neighbor. While Moscow rants about "retaliatory steps of military-technical and other character" if Finland presumes to join NATO, President Sauli Niinisto stoutly replied: "My response would be that you caused this -- look in the mirror."

Putin's paranoia is so deep that he think it's perfectly okay for  him to invade his neighbors, but not for them to take any precaution against an invasion. Britain has already stepped up to the plate, just as it did in 1939 against Hitler, extending a somewhat vague security blanket to Finland and Sweden during the perilous time being applying for NATO membership and being accepted into the pact. Why don't all NATO countries do that? More to the point, why don't we do that?


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