Monday, May 09, 2022

Eloquence from the Brits

Perhaps I've been wrong in dismissing Twitter as a source of news and inspiration. Here are the tweets from the British Ministry of Defence for yesterday, May 8:

* Difficulties in command and control, as well as faltering Russian performance on the front line, have drawn senior commanders onto the battlefield, likely to take personal leadership of operations.

* Russian commanders rarely delegate operational authority to their subordinates, who in turn do not gain vital leadership experience.

* However, it is not clear that the presence of these commanders on the battlefield has led to a refined or altered operational concept. Flawed planning assumptions and failures in sustainment continue to undermine Russian progress.

* The forward deployment of commanders has exposed them to significant risk, leading to disproportionately high losses of Russian officers in this conflict. This has resulted in a force that is slow to respond to setbacks and unable to alter its approach on the battlefield.

* These issues are likely to endure given the relative lack of operational command experience of the officers promoted in place of those killed.



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