Thursday, March 25, 2021

So much for the folly of Brexit

The Good People in Britain and America have had a great time since since 2016, mocking the ignorant yobs who voted to leave the European Union. All sorts of bad things were certain to happen, as punishment richly deserved for their sins against globalism and the wise central government in Brussels. The upshot seems rather different. Britain's vaccination rate is the highest in Europe, with nearly 40 jabs per 100 people. Compare that with fewer than 12 in France, Germany, and Italy. Only on the fringes of the Continent (Hungary nearly 18, Denmark and Estonia nearly 15) do we see any significant progress at all, and none comes close to half what the clownish Boris Johnson has managed to do in Britain.

Oh, and Belgium, home of that government? Its vaccination rate is 10.4 overall, though I suspect it's a bit higher for members of the European Parliament.


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