Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The perils of Julian

Poor Julian Assange!  Like Cardinal Mindszenty in the US Embassy in Budapest, he is under self-imposed housed arrest in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, hiding out from the authorities while he pursues his life's goal of releasing documents to embarrass the United States. (Well, the cardinal of course was not a document-leaker. He was, as his Wikipedia biography describes him, a Servant of God.) Bad enough to be confined to a room, dependent upon the kindness of strangers, but now Ecuador has shut Mr Assange off from the internet!

The Wall Street Journal phrases it nicely:

Mr. Assange’s predicament is unique because his origins and activities cut across at least six countries. He was born in Australia, lives now at Ecuador’s U.K. embassy, is publishing documents allegedly stolen by Russia that affect the U.S. election, and is being pursued by law enforcement in Sweden over sexual-assault allegations that Mr. Assange denies.
The Wiki-leaker has been holed up for four years now. The cardinal toughed it out for fifteen, 1956-1971. And he didn't have wi-fi!


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