Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lost Boundaries

As a teenager, Rachel Dolezal was a person of pallor. Between then and now, however, she has acquired an Afro and a rich tan that clearly did not come from the sun of Seattle, where she is president of the NAACP, a professor of "Africana Education" at Eastern Washington University,  a police commissioner whose role is "to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement," and a whole lot of other interesting and no doubt remunerative things, mostly concerned with her new ethnicity.

In 1949, the independent filmmaker Louis de Rochemont made a movie called Lost Boundaries, about a light-skinned African-American doctor who settled in New Hampshire and "passed" as white. In those days it was a good career move to change one's complexion, or anyhow the public's perception of it, from beige to white; now, it seems, it's quite the other way around.


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