Tuesday, June 09, 2015

He (gasp!) took out a student loan and then (horror!) REPAID it!

The New York Times has clearly marked Marco Rubio as the Republican who must be tarred and feathered before the primaries even begin. The onetime "newspaper of record," now a mouthpiece for the left-progressive wing of American politics, revealed today that Mr Rubio only managed to repay his student loans when he got an $800,000 advance against a book about his rise from the son of Cuban immigrants to a contender for the presidency. $800,000 -- imagine that! For writing a whole book, when Hillary Clinton could raise twice that amount with a couple of speeches (paid tax-free into the family "foundation")! How dare this man run for the presidency? He may even believe that students ought to repay the money they borrow, rather than default on the loan, a strategy for which the NYT recently published a useful guide.


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