Thursday, February 26, 2015


Writing in the Wall Street Journal today, Daniel Henninger lays out the challenge that will face the 45th president of the United States:

Needed, a U.S. president able to confront a world in chaos, rebuild shattered alliances, revive the country’s demoralized intelligence services and senior [military] officer corps, manage foreign and domestic demands with a budget that will be drained for years by fantastically expensive debt servicing, and along the way restore public faith in an array of deeply politicized federal bureaucracies—Justice, HHS, EPA, Labor, Internal Revenue, the NLRB, FCC, EEOC, even the Federal Reserve.
And, before surveying the current Republican field, goes on to say:
The U.S. just tried electing a rookie president and had six years of amateur hour. It doesn’t work. 
Indeed. My personal opinion is that the incumbent has done more damage to the United States than any elected official since Jefferson Davis. So wouldn't it be a priceless irony if I wound up voting for Mr Obama's former secretary of state in 2016? She at least is not an amateur.


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